We intend Sharpness as the Latin ‘acumen’.

SHARPNESS for us means the ability to focus intensely on whatever aspect, issue, question or problem is worthy of attention. This intellectual acuteness is necessary in the frame of our <CARE OF SELF> philosophy in order to examine and scrutinize reality. It is necessary to discern even the finest distinctions.

This virtue of SHARPNESS is the opposite of shallowness or approximation and it demands quite a lot of mental energy. In fact, many people have no difficulties in focusing on something for a little while. On the contrary it is uncommon to stay focused on a point/argument/topic/task for hours, days, weeks. For instance it is very rare focusing on something for as long as an entire life.

We intend Sharpness as the Latin 'acumen'.

We intend Sharpness as the Latin ‘acumen’. It is a method of ponderation which rests very much on the rational faculty of establishing links and making deductions. Therefore, “focusing on a point” does not mean that one stays immobile on that point without even noticing what happens around that point. This latter exercise belongs to yoga, among other disciplines. Indeed, the “concentration” of SHARPNESS is beneficial when it expands, it enlarges and it includes much more than the starting point. In other words, the centre of the picture – when applying SHARPNESS – has to stay the same, but we need to see the picture from all possible angles and perspectives.

This is Sokratiko’s way to interpret the notion of SHARPNESS. Please continue to browse our list of philosophical TOPICS by clicking on the other entries of our list.