We intend Truthfulness as the Latin ‘veritate’.

We love truth but we know that truth is a slippery notion. It applies to no more than a small number of ordinary situations. For instance, if this morning I went shopping at the supermarket I can say this truth. In fact, I can say (expecting no confutations) “this morning I went shopping at the supermarket”.

However, it is beyond human reach the possibility to grasp the truth about Life and Death, about Nature and God, about Time and Space. Therefore, TRUTHFULNESS is a precious quality but only as an orientational axis of human conducts.

We intend Truthfulness as the Latin 'veritate'.

We intend Truthfulness as the Latin ‘veritate’. In a paradoxical way (philosophy is the ideal terrain for paradoxes and contradictions), we might say that the only truth we are sure about is that truth is an uncertain issue.

We have the duty to pursue truth knowing that this task proves possible only on limited and ordinary levels. Nonetheless, it is important to have such an ambitious target (TRUTHFULNESS) because the process to achieve it is a “spiritual exercise”. An exercise useful for us to become honest, sincere, attentive, careful, humble and wiser.

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