THEOS is ‘god’ or ‘deity‘. This ancient Greek word indicates the divine power that orders the universe and gives to human beings their reason and free will.

There is no doubt about the complexity related to the notion of ‘god’. This complexity is intrinsic in the very idea of an entity which is far away from mundane realities. An extended treatise about the notion of ‘god in our philosophy’ would go beyond the scope of this site. Suffice to say that we are referring to the ultimate principle, the ultimate law, the ultimate energy which is at the core of all.

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There is something beyond molecules, beyond atoms and beyond subatomic particles. It is action, it is pure subtle energy, it is spirit. And this very vibrancy is the potency which governs the expansion of the universe as well as our minds, souls, lives.

We cannot say very much about such a god/<logos>/all/absolute/eternity/one. It is like this because of the simple reason that we are a minuscule manifestation of itself (a tiny component of the whole). Thus we lack the outside perspective which would allow us to understand it a little more. We perceive it, we sense it, we have a strong intuition about it. Notwithstanding, we are in a very difficult position to grasp it.

<Theos> is ‘god’. And the spiritual way is the only one for us to get closer to god. In fact, being part of it we have the option of surrendering/relinquishing to it. Therefore we can actually switch off our mind and try to be re-absorbed, in a natural way, in its all-embracing universality.