Author Birthday

Ageing is a philosophical issue

Birthdays are important to take stocks. Carlo de Blasio is the author of this website. He was born on November 4th 1960 in Naples (Italy). Therefore, his upcoming birthday 2021 marks his 61 years of age. This is not an event (in conventional terms) and it is absolutely of no interest for the general public. In fact, the only reason for mentioning it here is that AGEING is an important philosophical issue.

Indeed, ageing is a relevant topic for Stoicism, which is the ancient philosophical movement whose actualization is the core of our website. We believe, in general, that philosophy is a way to get ready for the final passing. And we think, in particular, that several of the virtues we value are reachable only in the old age (WISDOM for instance).

Hence, it is quite important to face birthdays with the right attitude. Once again, as with many common issues, we are against the conventional idea that ageing is unpleasant and unwelcome. As a matter of fact, we accept with serenity (even with joy) all the natural occurrences. We respect Nature and we hold in high consideration the figure of HEIMARMENE.

Birthdays are important to take stocks. And they are even more important to test one’s indifference towards the supposedly-bad sides of getting older.