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Movies Q is the list of films whose titles start with Q

Stng stars in Quadrophenia ("IMGP0464" by Trondheim | Gjøvik | Ålesund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)


  directed by Franc Roddam (1979) – Our philosophy gives leave to different attitudes and behaviours according to the various different stages of life. In other words young people may allow themselves less SOBRIETY because they have more enthusiasm, drive and energy. This is a perfect example of how much Stoicism and other schools of philosophy are “naturalistic”. The central notion is to follow and promote what is natural. The cosmos has its <logos> and we are all part of the cosmos. Therefore the essence of the cosmos is our essence as well. Equally the <logos> of the cosmos is our <logos> as well. In some ways it is possible to say that philosophy is a relentless interrogation about the meaning of “truth”. Then the philosophical answer to such a question is that “truth” is very close to “nature” and “natural”. But “nature and “natural” are in themselves notions to investigate and discuss about. Nature is natural when it is such in its authentic and original way. For instance, a disordinate passion seems spontaneous and therefore natural, but it is instead a deviation and so an innatural emotion. Observing the animal world always gives very good indications about what is natural. Nature is full of harmony and inevitability, variety and constancy, beauty and steadiness. The best spiritual and philosophical exercise is to carefully watch animals in their natural state. And watching puppies is extremely instructive. Because puppies enjoy the freedom to play and experiment, but never to go against the rules of Nature.

This movie stars Sting as Ace (picture: “IMGP0464” by Trondheim | Gjøvik | Ålesund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0).


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