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Movies U is the list of films whose titles start with U

Marlon Brando stars in Ultimo Tango A Parigi ("Marlon Brando 1924 - 2004" by oneredsf1 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) (“Ultimo Tango A Parigi” with Marlon Brando)


  directed by Bernardo Bertolucci (1972) – Sex with no connections to the personal histories, dispositions and feelings of the participants is simply a form of alienation. In fact “to alienate” means “to estrange”. And in this case alienation implies a structural transformation of our bodies. Indeed it is transforming our bodies from manifestations of our souls to moving things, like machines, robots. Unfortunately it is quite widespread nowadays. The more the tendency is for us to become single units the more we expose ourselves to forms of alienation. Instead all our behaviors and actions should be harmonized and linked together in the name of INTEGRITY, HOLISM and LOVE. Thus the soul enjoys to have a carnal body to express itself. And the body enjoys to have its government in the soul. It is not easy to regain the integration between body and soul after centuries of progressive separation. Therefore the task of an authentic philosophical life should also be to reach this fusion and consonance. The body should learn again to listen to the soul. And the soul should learn again to listen to the body. A conversation between these two sides of our personal life is like the music of a duo. When the two instruments produce a perfect orchestration the resulting music is marvelous. And the two players enjoy themselves a great deal. Actually, the two players and their respective instruments do become one thing.

This movie stars Marlon Brando (picture: “Marlon Brando 1924 – 2004” by oneredsf1 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).


Movies U is the list of films whose titles start with U. Continue browsing our list of inspirational movies by visiting the other letters.