Attitude is important.

Attitude is important. In fact, our primary philosophical task is to reconnect ourselves to what our ‘conscience‘ left behind many millennia ago (instincts, intuitions, HOLISM). In short, we have to regain the right place in an interrelated universe where no one is above the rest. Indeed, such an ‘operation’ is not easy, quick or sure. Therefore, a postive and optimistic attitude might result very helpful all along the complex journey. But we might equally find overwhelming stumbling blocks, because our separation from the universe was (and still is) too severe. Nonetheless, it is crucial that we try and re-establish a connection (even partial) with the natural world all around us.

Attitude is important. Notwithstanding, in psychology and sociology the attitudes of optimism and pessimism might certainly be even more important. In philosophy (especially in our CARE OF SELF doctrine) realism is more advisable. And in the frame of realism, a slight preference towards a positive and confident mindset is out of discussion. The point for us is not exactly being optimistic. The point here is a strong confidence in one’s choices and actions. The accent is not on an emotional conviction (which is anyway welcome) but on a philosophical one.