Be just and be happy.

Be just and be happy. Because in being just (behaving in a GOOD way) you should find the best reason to be content. Instead, what you should never do is expecting praises and lauds as thanks for your being just. Even worse would be being just for the very reason of obtaining any form of acknowledgment. But such a case does not merit our elaboration and is blatantly wrong.

Be just and be happy. Anyway, taking for granted the best intentions of the world, it is possible to do horrible mistakes when trying to do the good. Of course it is equally possible to do a great job (technically) when acting in evil ways. For instance, a “professional” thief can carry out a perfect theft with no blood spread and no other violent consequences. In other words, our vigilance must be always high. Also when we perform actions with very good intentions. It must be so because – let’s be honest about it – the final outcome is more important than the intentions. It means as well that we could behave in a clumsy way and – surprise surprise! – the final results of such an awkward behaviour might be fantastic (perhaps due to some god’s intervention or due to the unpredictable play of pure coincidences).