Don't stop, step up!

Don’t stop, step up! Life is flights of stairs, one after the others. And they are actually uncountable. Every single turn leads to more of them. Therefore, moving on is the name of the game. This is why we consider READINESS as a virtue. And this is why idleness is out of discussion. Furthermore, staying put is contrary to a philosophical life. Philosophy is in itself restlessness, curiosity, never content oneself with poor steps. Nonetheless, not all steps are the same. Some are evidently harder and riskier than others. However, if what is at stake is valuable, you’d better run the risk rather than turning your back on chances and opportunities. So, some peril, pain and disappointment is part and parcel of a philosophical life.

Don’t stop, step up! Dangers and sufferings are impossible to avoid in this earthly life. Hence, the point is to accept some troubles whether what is at stake falls into our objectives and into our projects. If it is worth doing something which we consider important, well… some threats are acceptable. There is a price to pay for everything, but, at least, we have the choice about what we are ready to pay a price for.