We intend Readiness as the Latin ‘paratio’.

Old people know very well the value of READINESS. Because they progressively lose this precious ability. Unfortunately, they lose it because of the impediments of ageing. They incur in rigidity of body and mind, general slowness, inevitable close-mindedness, longer times of reaction. In other words, they have not the rapidity and promptitude that are particularly important nowadays. Ours is a world of fast-car races. It is a world of quick responses on mobile phone chats.

We include READINESS among the qualities of our philosophical lifestyle because we praise “less theory, more action”. In fact, READINESS is strictly related to the practicality and pragmatism of our approach. With no READINESS the individual might miss out on several opportunities. Indeed, there are many chances occurring unexpectedly, day after day, along the course of life. And it is only with speed and promptness that we can grasp them.

We intend Readiness as the Latin 'paratio'.

We intend Readiness as the Latin ‘paratio’. READINESS needs TRAINING as it is with all the “sports disciplines” requiring quickness and responsiveness. For instance, table tennis is a magnificent teaching and a very powerful preparation of this mental property, which asks for OPEN-MINDEDNESS and SHARPNESS as well.

This is Sokratiko’s way to interpret the notion of READINESS. Continue browsing our list of philosophical TOPICS by going to the other entries.


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