Fear of falling is humane.

Fear of falling is humane. And it is the typical kind of emotion which is distinctive of human beings. We fear losing our social status. We fear falling in disgrace. Everybody fears to fall behind while running the everyday race for survival. However, any effort and any hope never to fall is obviously an illusion. Rather, it is often the very fear of falling the main reason for actually falling. Because this is one of the cases when the right (or wrong) attitude can really make the difference. In fact, DETERMINATION and SELF-CONFIDENCE could help in avoiding many falls. Many, but not all of them! Therefore, the point should not be the striving with all the energies never to fall. But it should be the learning – in the best possible way – of how to fall limiting the worse consequences.

Fear of falling is humane. Nonetheless, fear of falling and not getting prepared to it is a superficial human mistake. Beginners’ classes in martial arts do teach, first and foremost, a wide variety of techniques to fall with acceptable effects. And once we know the right method to fall, with little pain and little damage, we feel STRONG and ready to take some risk more.