Give me a hand.

“Give me a hand” is a catch-phrase we use when we are in trouble and we are in need of help. The phrase is a common one and easily understandable. However, we are philosophers and we love to split the hair in four (another metaphor). Therefore, we want to reflect on the catch-phrase and we want to determine the various meanings of the sentence. In fact, it means much more than just asking for a bodily hand. It means asking for help, support, concurrence, assistance, soccour, solidarity, closeness. It means we need the honesty of a friend, the loyalty of a partner, the sincerity of a companion.

“Give me a hand”, of course, almost never means that we factually need a real, physical, corporal hand. Indeed, most of the times what we really want is someone on our side. Mainly we are looking for someone who is ready and able to give us suggestions and pieces of advise. We are on the lookout for someone we can truly rely upon, because of his INTEGRITY, his RIGHTEOUSNESS and his TRUTHFULNESS. In other words, we wish to confide in a real friend. Hence, it is much more than just a hand that we need.