Hard journeys reward most.

Hard journeys reward most. A Latin saying goes <per aspera ad astra> meaning that a difficult and tiresome (<aspera>) road might lead to the stars (<astra>), that is to the highest satisfactions. In fact, it is a general formula that we value very much all results obtained through several difficulties. Indeed, reaching strenuous targets is testimony of qualities, TRAINING and capacities. Therefore, if we believe in ourselves we should all be prepared to travel very long journeys whenever aspiring to important goals and destinations. Nonetheless, we are as well free to choose easy-to-reach targets (through easy and comfortable roads). So, it is our choice. However, a philosophical life should be, in itself, not an easy life. It is so because a philosophical life is demanding and does not content itself with easy and vulgar solutions.

Hard journeys reward most. Important goals usually are not handy. This is a general law not an absolute law. In fact, it is necessary to take into account a few factors like luckiness, coincidences, contingencies and other unpredictable circumstances as effective “shortcuts” to success, victory and other goals. Notwithstanding, most of the time, we experience the validity of the general rule requiring hardship and toil in order to reach significant and durable results.