Indifference hurts more than hate.

Indifference hurts more than hate. In fact, hatred is an intense feeling which presuppose an object. It means that it entails something or someone who is the receiver of hate. And, when one is the prey of hate, it also means that one exists (a prey is something). Therefore, in being the target of hate, one undergoes a recognition as someone who is something. In being the object os somebody’s hate, one is acknowledged as existing. Indeed, not only one is recognized as an existing entity, but also as someone capable of arousing a sentiment as deep as hate. Here it does not matter that the emotion (hate) is a negative one. Anyway, it is an emotion. And a potent one.

Indifference hurts more than hate. Indeed, indifference is lack of reactions. It is a condition which does not imply an object. One is indifferent in the middle of nothing and, if one stays indifferent when someone else appears on the scene, it means that someone else is nothing. Because of all these reasons, indifference might often prove very hard to suffer although almost invisible, subtle and inconspicuous.

So, hate is a gross and superficial way of showing discontent and denigration, A way which involves the subject as well. Actually, the participation of the subject (the hater) might be so acute as to cause several bad consequences to himself. We know that people who feel intense hate could even suffer heart attacks. In conclusion, feeling hate might be much worse for the hater than the hated. On the contrary, indifference is an olympic state of superiority. And it certainly causes no damage to the subject (the indifferent person). Actually, the CHARISMA of the indifferent person is being augmented because of the WISDOM it needs.