We intend Charisma as in Latin.

This quality is the consistent achievement of many elements when they successfully join forces. The most distinguishable among these elements are attitude, personality, frame of mind, spirituality, vision, posture and behaviour. All of them contribute and merge into CHARISMA, resulting in a credible, charming and reliable person.

People with CHARISMA radiate, in a very natural way, their SELF-CONFIDENCE and AUTHORITATIVENESS. Therefore, they are capable of exerting a significant influence on the others. In particular, they prove dramatically influential over more fragile and uncertain people. However, authentic charismatic persons are such also because they do not need and do not want to manipulate anybody. Anyway, not only frail people but also the strongest ones do acknowledge CHARISMA.

We intend Charisma as in Latin.

We intend Charisma as in Latin. In our philosophy (<care of self>), CHARISMA is a virtue always present in the best MASTERS. Nonetheless, prominent teachers of philosophy tend very often to be also humble, reserved, noiseless and secluded.

CHARISMA is one of the very spontaneous and genuine outcome of an entire process of SOUL-SEARCHING and ‘work on oneself’. In fact, a spiritual transformation is the ultimate goal of the practices of the <care of self>. And a spiritual transformation produces almost always CHARISMA.

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