We intend Authoritativeness as the Latin ‘gravitas’.

AUTHORITATIVENESS is an easy-to-detect quality which proves outstanding in just a few people. However, it is difficult to render in words, being a combination of attributes related to attitude, behaviour, posture, character.

Here we are talking of a form of leadership which features an innate CHARISMA. Though, in the notion of AUTHORITATIVENESS there are also elements of DETERMINATION, RIGHTEOUSNESS and OUTSPOKENNESS. CHARISMA is something which invests the individual in a wider and complete way.

A high level of self-assurance is in all people featuring AUTHORITATIVENESS. In fact, the lack of SELF-CONFIDENCE is something that people sense quite rapidly. Such a deficiency would undermine the draw and appeal that are as well ingredients of an authoritative individual.

This attribute radiates in a natural and spontaneous way from very confident people with a penchant for headship. And it is immediately noticeable by whoever comes in touch with them.

We intend Authoritativeness as the Latin 'gravitas'.

Most of the time, AUTHORITATIVENESS is not something that people express consciously. But many could, in various degrees, be aware of possessing it. In fact, authoritative people take note of their status through other people’s reactions in front of themselves. For instance, one realizes if the others tend to bend their heads in presence of himself. Or if they do not dare interrupting him while he is speaking.

Such a strong and clear-cut property is difficult to conceal even by individuals wishing, in vain, to appear humble and diminished.

AUTHORITATIVENESS is valued in MASTERS because it magnifies their credibility and their influential power. This same attribute is also the target to reach for everybody practicing our philosophy of the <care of self>.

This is Sokratiko’s way to interpret the notion of AUTHORITATIVENESS. Please continue to browse our list of philosophical TOPICS by clicking on the other entries of our list.