Ingenuity is precious.

Ingenuity is precious. And we should always take CARE of all valuable things. Hence, we should also guard our INGENUITY with attention and conscience. Sometimes, we should even hide our rare and fine gems. Therefore, we’d better employ SCRUPULOUSNESS and caution in looking after a priceless asset like INGENUITY. In fact, inventiveness and imagination are getting scarcer day by day.

These qualities are like shimmering big pearls. And we perfectly know that jewels cannot being cast before swine. One reason is that the understanding and the appreciation of certain features require some attributes of knowledge and expertise. Another reason is that jealousy, envy, resentment and competition might be fierce enemies of ingenious people. Thirdly, there are qualities which can be used against the qualified people. For instance, GOODNESS might often be a problem for good people. In fact, wicked person are likely to take advantyage of good people.

Ingenuity is precious. Nonetheless, precious things and values are delicate and perishable, They need to be carefully preserved and cherished. In conclusion, resourceful persons have to be careful in not showing off their qualities indiscriminately. It is much better to conceal one’s own virtue and behave in a confidential way about one’s own assets.