Intelligence is just one faculty.

Intelligence is just one faculty. Not only it is just one among many other important attributes, but it is also significantly overrated. In fact, we have too big a consideration of the power of our intellect. Indeed, it is a cultural attitude very hard to fight. It lies on the common lore that the mind is our most relevant and outstanding feature. Instead, we could look at our brain only as a partial surrogate of many ANIMALS‘ qualities we are increasingly losing since millennia. Anyway, even if evolution were not for us an actual devolution, we still have uncountable evidences of all our mind’s limits and shortcomings. As a matter of fact, we meet intelligence’s restraints every day. And we experience on a daily basis the frustration deriving from a brain which does not perform as we would like it to do.

Intelligence is just one faculty. Nonetheless, we incur in the worst mistake of intelligence itself, that is to believe it is limitless, absolutely powerful and all-capable. Instead, intelligence is just one among all the functions available to living creatures to facilitate their survival. Since the beginning of human evolution this faculty is significantly progressing, millennium after millennium. However, it is also focussing on some specific tasks (which are in relation to linear logics). Intelligence has intrinsic limits and cannot be a full substitute of intuition, instincts or emotions. In fact, there are many situations when other faculties do prove more apt, proper and efficient.