Joy might be everywhere.

Joy might be everywhere. Nonetheless, we use to look for JOY, pleasure and HAPPINESS in strange ways and only among the biggest, ostentatious things. It seems to us almost impossible to find delight and satisfaction with small, ordinary, common things. Maybe we think that JOY could come particularly from expensive enterprises. For instance, we seek JOY in activities like a luxurious-ship cruise around the world. However, in thinking this way, we only end up piling up a significant amount of expectations on extravagant, big-budget undertakings. So, we are likely to struggle for more money in order to allow ourselves for costly things and ventures which – because of the enormous emotional investment upon them – often turn out not to meet expectations and then to be disappointing if not utterly unsettling.

Joy might be everywhere. And it is a very strange automatism the one which pushes all of us to associate big values to physically big, very expensive, quite grand, showy things. In fact, WISDOM should teach us quite the opposite. Hence, we should train ourselves in order to learn how to find valuable “goods” in very small (if not tiny) things. Good examples might come from humble people and animals, who are often very joyful with small but beautiful things.