Knowing oneself is priority.

Knowing oneself is priority. It is so because too many things depend on oneself. In fact, it is the ‘self‘ who sets the impact of all happenings upon itself. I must know myself because I am the one who sets if an event is awful, indifferent or even nice. Indeed, in setting my reactions to events I follow a tradition and a culture. For instance, in normal situations, for all of us the DEATH of a parent is terrible. Nonetheless, it technically is an event among millions of others. And the ultimate instance in establishing my reaction to any fact is mine. Unfortunately, we do not even realize that ‘reactions’ belong to an internal process which can be managed in different ways by each and any individual. For all these reasons knowing oneself is priority.

However, it is not enough to decide the committment of oneself to the process of seriously getting to know oneself. This decision must be supported by a genuine “interior will” which needs to come directly from the self itself (no pun intended). In fact, what we are talking about is an intimate confrontation that not rarely presents ‘violent’ sides. Getting to know oneself (if it is a wholehearted commitment) is not an easy task and could only be done with robust convictions.