Life is a path.

Life is a path. This might be commonplace. Nonetheless, the sentence bears many different implications. Here we want to underline that – from a philosophical standpoint – ‘moving’ is generally better than stationing. In fact, if life is a path, it makes sense to move along the path rather than staying motionless. Apart from some specific circumstances, life requires action and movement. That is why, it is not absurd moving away from the top of a mountain, even if reaching the top was extremely tiresome and time-consuming. Once you are on the top, it might not be advisable to stay idling on the top. Many times, moving could be appropriate in itself, much more than any destination. We are alive in order to act, to move, to work, to operate, to take risks.

Life is a path. And READINESS is vital in understanding the most fleeting circumstances and in seizing the opportunities. If one happens to be at the upper end of a path (with no way to proceed upward) he’d better consider to go downward instead of staying uselessly on the top, motionless and waiting who knows what. Equally, if one happens to be at the lower end of a path (with no way to proceed downward) he’d better choose to move upward in order not to waste his time by doing absolutely nothing.