Life is all a test.

Life is all a test. It is a test going out of home when it is raining. It is a test undergoing a serious heart surgery with limited chances of surviving. And it is a test not reacting to insults and offences. Or not to hysterically laugh at a funeral. Everything we do is actually a test, sometimes big, sometimes small. Attending our first day of primary school is a test as well as taking an intercontinental flight for the first time. We go through examinations of all kinds, from university to sports, from medicine to driving, from gym to dietetics, from relationships to job interviews.

Nonetheless, again and again, we forget the only test which is the basis of all others, that is self-examination, self-doubt, SOUL-SEARCHING. It is only by working on ourselves with SCRUPULOUSNESS that we can change our life, our habits, our attitude. And, in such a way, we could raise our chances to be successful in all the other exams. Life is all a test. And now your test is not to forget to proceed with self-reflection. This is a spiritual exercise which all of us should perform not just once, but as many times as it is possible.