Life is 'going forward'.

Life is ‘going forward’. In fact, we must accept the idea that our perception of ‘TIME‘ goes from ‘the past’ toward ‘the future’ (through ‘the present’). Therefore, life is very simply a projection ahead. It does not mean that ‘time‘ is necessarily an entity which really exists beyond our perceptions. Actually, we believe that time is likely not to exist outside our senses. But this is another topic (very important indeed). Equally, it does not mean that life should always be (and only be) a constant projection towards tomorrow. Indeed, we value very much the notions of ‘past’, ‘FOOTPRINT‘, ‘experience’ and so on. We only say that our existence is based on walking, proceeding, travelling, move, take action.

The time comes for everybody to recollect motivations and energies in order to go on. We all have our personal reasons and incentives, but one simple consideration applies to everyone and is good enough not to give up. In a few minutes our life can completely change (for good or bad, of course) but in the present moment we have no hints of such an enormous upheaval. Life is authentically unpredictable and one should always keep alive his curiosity to know what lies around the next corners.