Look behind not just forward.

Look behind not just forward. Sometimes you need to check your footprints and to acknowledge your ‘past‘ before of proceeding ahead. It is important to turn the shoulders back, every now and then. Because too often we are prone to look in front of us and never ready to look behind us. In fact, ours is a society based upon the notion of ‘future‘. Tomorrow is always more important than yesterday. The focus is higher on “the things to come” rather than on “what is left behind”. Unfortunately, this prolonged eye on the future has the big consequence of a mistreatment of the past. Or the forgetfulness of the past. Moreover, it is so either on a society level (the ignorance of history) and on a personal one (the oversight of our footprints).

Look behind not always forward. Being always in a hurry does not allow the subject any time to look back and see all the footprints he left along his way. We all leave footprints – whether good or bad – wherever we go and whatever we do. And it is important to see our footprints because we can learn from them the consequences of our actions and our behaviours. SOUL-SEARCHING requires that we look at our footprints.