Living is not mandatory.

Living is not mandatory. Nobody can be successfully forced to live against his own will, unless by suffering violent means of coercion. In such a case, one would undergo violence in the name of ‘life’. In other words, the assumption is that “force against someone is better than his DEATH“. Anyway, let us say that under normal circumstances, any individual has an option contrary to living, that is committing suicide. So, living by force is generally not a realistic scenario. Nonetheless, there is another kind of ‘force’ we should take into account when talking about life. And that is the force which we have the moral duty to employ in life. Here ‘force’ stays for vigour, power, strenght.

Living is not mandatory, but, when alive, we should put all of ourselves into this mysterious and exciting condition that ‘life’ is. Therefore, nobody requires that we live by force, but God (or Nature or Logos) wants us to be living with all of our forces. Moreover, living life with energy, passion and determination is the only way to impress a direction and to provide a sense to the living condition. It is up to us to confer at least some meaning to something (life) which stays ineffable and incomprehensible.