Loneliness is not isolation.

Loneliness is not isolation. In fact, loneliness is a condition we need every now and then (for instance, when we must recharge our batteries). On the contrary, isolation is a much more critical and often dangerous situation. Therefore, loneliness is just one of the various circumstances we find ourselves in, all along our lives. Indeed, we know how loneliness is helpful to recover from traumas or similar stressful states. Also, loneliness is important in order to perform SOUL-SEARCHING which is a spiritual exercise very important in our philosophy of life. Instead, we should consider isolation as a morbid and pathological state, particularly when it is long-drawn-out. Isolation is a refusal of life which essentially derives from a rejection of oneself.

Loneliness is not isolation. Hence, it is not loneliness the condition to be fearful about, because it is sometimes important to be alone and to have a chance for lengthy meditations. Very different and more dangerous is isolation, that, in our opinion, is a mental state more than a logistical situation. In other words, loneliness might be a personal, transitory choice with many beneficial effects, while isolation could fall upon us as an unwanted surprise and it could also become irreversible.