Money is an instrument.

Money is an instrument. Therefore we must use it (not leaving it in our pockets or bank accounts). When we do not use our money, we value it in itself and we disregard it as an instrument. For instance, the money we set aside is not an instrument anymore and we end up attributing to it a different role (and a different value). This way, money becomes less easy to manage and to deal with. In fact, following the previous example, the use of money set aside might be extremely tiresome and problematic. Indeed, when we have to administrate large sums of money, we have to concentrate hard on it. In fact, managing money might become a real job. As a matter of fact, it is a job and it requires specific TRAINING, expertise and abilities.

Money is an instrument. It means that money should have no value in itself (for instance accumulating it and adoring it) but be used for other tasks. Money’s importance in our society is out of discussion. What is alarming is the pervasive idea that money is everything and that we can do everything thanks to it. A philosophical approach to life puts money in its proper place. Moreover, our philosophy of life values and pays attention to less materialistic aspects of existence, as friendship, faith, loyalty and many others.