Music is spiritual enhancement.

Music is spiritual enhancement. Hence, we should not just maintain that music is harmless and innocuous. In fact, music is much more than non-dangerous. In truth, it is benign and it is a value in itself. Music is something sacred and divine in our earthly reality. Music is a splendid way to transcendence. However, we should not use music (“use” as in “using a hammer”).

Indeed, we should consider music as a value in itself (the opposite of MONEY). For instance, we should not use music as a bridge to reach spiritual territories, although it is a perfect way to spirituality. In other words, the final result seems to be the same either if our approach to music is instrumental or not. But there is an enormous philosophical difference. If we enjoy music in itself, our spirituality is enriched in a smooth and natural way. If we approach music in order (from the beginning) to reach spiritual objectives, our spirituality will result fragile if not wholly fake.

Music is spiritual enhancement. There’s nothing bad in loving any form of art, like music. All arts ennoble the soul of human beings and are the best way to re-establish a link with beauty, immensity, grace. However, we should not flee away from our human condition and just content ourselves by taking shelter in music or painting or poetry. Life is varied and we have many possibilities to enjoy its complexity.