Nobody is lost forever.

Nobody is lost forever. We can lose the road, because life is in itself a wide variety of different opportunities. Therefore, it is up to us to establish the route, among all the chances and distractions of life. Of course, it could take a lot of time to regain the road after a period of diversions and interferences. But it is always possible to wake up (even after years or decades) and find again the right road. Moreover, it is completely up to us to maintain the route (our route, the right route), for days, weeks, months, years.

We can as well lose ourselves, because in order not to lose ourselves we first need to (really) find ourselves. In other words, prior of keeping ourselves we have to work on ourselves and we have to know ourselves. That is why our philosophy (see the notion of <EPIMELEIA HEAUTOU> in Michel Foucault) values an intense SOUL-SEARCHING (the work on oneself). In fact, it is only after a hard work on oneself that any of us can obtain clarity on who he is and on what he wants (the route).

Nobody is lost forever. As a matter of fact, it happens to all of us just to lose the road. It is quite a natural and common incident. Nonetheless losing the road is also a good chance to learn how to keep directions and how to never feel desperate. However, losing oneself (not only the route) is a more radical and engaging situation, which requires strong actions to carry out at onc.  It’s about time to start working seriously on one’s own soul with all the philosophical instruments available in the <CARE of self> philosophy.