Off-centeredness is our problem.

Off-centeredness is our problem. In fact, it is since humanity deserted Nature and a deeper connection with the Cosmos that we suffer this uneasiness. But it is inevitable not to feel on the spot. It is so because we are not part of the universe anymore. Indeed, philosophy exists for the very reason that we crave for a solution in order to get back on the ‘center’. Nonetheless, philosophy is only useful to understand that philosophy is part of the problem and certainly not the solution. In other words, being the solution a profound scaling back of coscience, intellect, reasoning and logics, philosophy must step back and leave room to spirituality, HOLISM and pure action.

Off-centeredness is our problem. Sometimes the feeling of just being a few steps away from ‘real life’ could become quite strong. That is the right moment to focus on the steps to walk, in order to close the gap and jump on the ‘center’ with energy and determination. Nonetheless, some caution is necessary. In fact, we must consider the reasons for the current human condition. Why humans left the rest of the Cosmos over-enflating the intellectual functions? Is it not another fruit of the intellect the idea of being able to go back to the ‘center’ again?