Recalling is easier than learning.

Recalling is easier than learning. In fact, ‘recalling’ only needs us to propel towards the surface something we already have inside. While ‘learning’ implies the entire process of acquiring info, data and a knowledge which is new to ourselves. Also, recalling is a duty as regards our past, our deep essence, our goal of life. It is so because each one of us comes into existence from a single specific ‘seed/egg’. The ‘seed/egg’ contains a variety of messages for us. For instance, it establishes the color of our eyes. Or how tall we shall be as adults. Moreover, the it says what we are in this world for. Therefore, if we are able to recall these info, we will also be able to accomplish ourselves. And to find our exact place in this reality.

Recalling is easier than learning. We have so many innate qualities and capacities ready to be recalled and developed. Too often we turn towards the external world on the look for something to learn. Instead, we could have a look inside ourselves and find an incredible lot of abilities. However, there is one thing we surely should learn. It is the proper way to recall what is inside the seed/egg and the effective way to let it resurface again. Philosophy is the way. SOUL-SEARCHING is one of the instruments.