Sensitivity is wonderful.

Sensitivity is wonderful. In fact, the capacity to perceive details, nuances and shades is a precious quality. It enhances and intensifies our experience of the world, of ourselves and of the others. Life is the combination of all our daily experiences and, so, it is good if sensitivity boosts our experiences. However, sensitivity magnifies as well the total weight on our shoulders and it increases our responsibilities. Therefore, the issue is not being afraid of (or even reject) sensitivity. Indeed, the point is to acquire the necessary SELF-CONTROL in order to benefit from such a quality, avoiding possible overwhelming consequences.

Sensitivity is wonderful. To be sensitive is a marvelous gift. It means enjoying a special perception of the surrounding reality. It means possessing magnifying glasses which enable the owner to see things that others usually miss out on. But all gifts come with a price to pay. And, in this case, the cost is the likelihood to be seriously hurt by this capacity. For instance, due to the magnifying lenses of sensitivity, a casual remark by a friend could become a ferocious criticism. Equally, intense positive feelings (affection, friendship, love) might assume unbearable intensity and reverse into sort of maladies.