Smash your own shell.

Smash your own shell. It is a duty in order to start living a real life. In fact, we all tend to stay safe and sound in our own shell. And most of the time we do not even realize that we live into a shell (sometimes for all of our life). Moreover, we have difficulties in understanding what that shell is made of (fears, anxiety, timidity). Also we experience some problems in discerning who the author of the shell is (ourselves, our family, school, society). Anyway, the sheer issue is that there is a human tendency in creating habits and routines. Such a tendency is an impediment along the road of a philosophical life. Indeed, all customs cause a kind of numbing which is contrary to our lifestyle.

Smash your own shell. It happens sometimes that we are caught by fits of rage and that we want to smash all the surrounding things up. These are alerting signs about the pressure we might find ourselves under. And about the suffocating constraints dictated by SELF-CONTROL‘s needs. Nonetheless, we should carefully examine our condition. In fact, it could well be that we put ourselves willingly into a shell where the oxygen is running out along with our temper.