Steadiness is balance.

Steadiness is balance. It is a very important virtue for a proper and fully fledged philosophical life. In fact, EQUILIBRIUM and stability are either the requirements and the goals of our lifestyle. No real philosophy is possible which allows the individuals to be unstable or unhinged. It is so because the very need for philosophy has its original basis at the time when mankind divorced Nature and consequently lost harmony and stability. Indeed, it is our conscience which distanced ourselves from equanimity and sense of belonging. When we were completely part of Nature we always knew what to do, how to do it and if to do it. Now we feel off-track and disoriented.

Steadiness is balance. Due to our special features (particularly the intellectual ones) we hold a constant tension with the rest of reality. So, we always crave for rejoining Nature, the Universe, God. It is a goal that all the spiritual traditions point to. On a personal level the individual could make many efforts to rebalance his condition, thereby falling often in the big contradiction of enhancing a tension which should be instead eased and softened. No effort should be done when trying to annul any effort.