We intend Equilibrium as the Latin ‘aequilibrium’.

Here, EQUILIBRIUM is not the ability of balancing oneself on a shakily rope in suspension between two poles. Nonetheless, this very image is quite an effective metaphor to vividly illustrate our virtue of EQUILIBRIUM. See the entry about the movie The Walk also in the MOVIES T section of this site. Here, EQUILIBRIUM is a matter of composure, self-possession, equanimity and calmness. Therefore, the balance we are looking for is in the psyche more than in the body. Nonetheless, a good EQUILIBRIUM of the body is desirable as well. Although this “body balance” would regard more a correct nutrition and some physical exercises than staying still on a rope.

Many times we find ourselves performing the “rope-walk” when looking for the right balance between two diverging instances. For instance between earning money thanks to a disagreeable but economically rewarding job and a creative but very poor activity.

We intend Equilibrium as the Latin 'aequilibrium'.

We intend Equilibrium as the Latin ‘aequilibrium’. EQUILIBRIUM is crucial when we are under pressure and we risk to go astray. It is vital maintaining it when we feel the suffocation of too many requests. It is necessary when unfairness is heavily pressing on our shoulders.

This is Sokratiko’s way to interpret the notion of EQUILIBRIUM. Please continue to browse our list of philosophical TOPICS by clicking on the other entries of our list.

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