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Movies T is the list of films whose titles start with T


  directed by Raúl Arévalo (2016) – Rage and pain are utterly understandable if your family is unnecesarily destroyed by brutal robbers. But is really worth it a life which has the only purpose of revenge? Is it a reasonable choice the targeting of the culprits until they’re all dead? At the end of the day, the killing of the robbers does not change the misery of your life. The slaughter does not delete the profound sadness radicated in your soul. Sometimes we rule out ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS under the wrong assumption that these attitudes are evidences of weakness. Instead they are the most powerful indicators of a real philosophical conduct.


Martin Scorsese is the director of Taxi Driver ("Martin Scorsese" by Mexicaans fotomagazijn is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0)(Picture: “Martin Scorsese” by Mexicaans fotomagazijn is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0).


  directed by Martin Scorsese (1976) – Neurosis, alienation and maladjustment are among the most frequent consequences of many serious psychological traumas. This happens frequently when one does not practice the CARE of self through a scrupulous and lenghty SOUL-SEARCHING. A decent, controlled and thoughtful conduct is too easy when life comfortably stays into the frame of regularity and normality. The real essence of our philosophy emerges under worse circumstances, when our convictions are concretely being put to the test.



  directed by Ami Canaan Mann (2011) – There are times in life when SHARPNESS and FORTITUDE are the only support to keep going in a world of cruelty and vices. However, just a few people innately possess certain qualities. The majority of us needs to have a GUIDANCE and to embark on a long proper TRAINING.



  directed by Giuseppe Tornatore (2012) – In this movie the auctioneer Virgil Oldman says “there is always something authentic concealed in every forgery”. This sentence might be applied not only to things but to people as well. Therefore detecting the authentic parts that are inside everyone could be a worthy philosophical exercise. In the end this practice might also enhance SHARPNESS, OPEN-MINDEDNESS and CARE.



  directed by Joel and Ethan Coen (1998) – A “philosophical lifestyle” not necessarily asks for SOBRIETY and INTEGRITY if one’s personal inclinations are towards creativity, fun, irony, playfulness. In fact these attitudes have nothing wrong in themselves, particularly if one is aware of them. Anyway this world requires that merriment and gaiety be not exposed too much. Otherwise some price to pay is inevitable.



  directed by Neil Jordan (2007) – Vengeance is never the appropriate reaction. It is so because the wish of vengeance is a strong feeling which goes out of our control. And there is always a danger in out-of-control things. However a deep desire for revenge might be understandable after brutal and gratuitous aggressions. Nonetheless we should keep in mind that retribution might only extinguish the rage. It does not mend the soul. Therefore SELF-CONTROL be always our philosophical priority.



  directed by Guillermo Arriaga (2008) – The chain of events which ties all together becomes clear only when the plot turns manifest and noticeable. When realizing the infinite connections that force us all into a unique scheme might be terrifying. The intricacy of all the chains makes us victims of too many a force. Therefore every effort to take control of our destiny is simply null. Nonetheless we do retain something on which we might exert a certain control: our reactions, our emotions, our attitudes. Accepting with HUMILITY and OPEN-MINDEDNESS the <logos> (universal reason) means embracing HOLISM as a key of our reality.

Movies T is the list of films whose titles start with T. Scroll down to the following entries.


  directed by Atom Egoyan (2014) – Your daughter has been kidnapped, the police considers you the culprit and your wife accuses you of being inapt and unfit. On the occasions when you seem to lose everything, you must count on DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE and COURAGE. You might already possess these points of strenght or you may build them up all along your fight.



  directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (2018) – It is only under pressure that virtues and merits like SHARPNESS and SELF-CONTROL do emerge in a clear way. This is not like saying that one has to look for troubles in order to lead a philosophical life. It means only that troubles are totally part of our life, of our way to grow up. We build our character by going through problems and ambushes, day after day, step by step.



  directed by Alex Proyas (1994) – The power of LOVE could be so strong as to give people even metaphysical faculties. We should think of these kinds of event as extremely infrequent. They also deserve detailed explanation about the term “metaphysical”. But this is not the right place to elaborate on the topic. Suffice to say that extraordinary powers need to be managed by an appropriate GUIDANCE and a lot of SPIRITUALITY.



  directed by David Fincher (2008) – A timepiece running in counterclockwise mode is not difficult to craft. But a clock like that is not enough to reverse time direction. Despite such a clock and despite any other futuristic device the past stays in the past. There is no way for us to rerun the past and to change it. The only way we have in order to come to terms with our past is by reviewing it. Indeed we can  scrutinize and assess it by operating a serious SOUL-SEARCHING. But it is important not to forget that any self-examination requires OUTSPOKENNESS and HUMILITY.



  directed by Michael Cimino (1978) – War is an awful invention. The idea of people fighting with weapons against each others denies the notion of us being the most intelligent species. Well, it actually would only contradict the WISDOM of us all not our specific intellect. After all a good brain is enough to build automatic weapons. It is not enough to choose the best way of living (peace). Indeed, war demonstrates exactly what happens when cleverness is not supported by ethical qualities and philosophical values. In other words the main “philosophical fight” is the daily one against ourselves, our shortcomings and defects. SOUL-SEARCHING is the primary weapon we should use.



  directed by Michael Hoffman (2001) – “The worth of a life is not determined by a single failure or a solitary success”. The measure of our PERSEVERANCE, INTEGRITY and COHERENCE comes not from a single event. Sometimes not even a series of event is enough. Sometimes we need an entire life before issuing a final rate. And it is absolutely ordinary to make mistakes, to cave in to temptations and to take wrong decisions. What is important is to be in good faith and to admit one’s wrongdoings.



  directed by Antoine Fuqua (2014; in 2018 was released the sequel THE EQUALIZER II directed again by Fuqua) – “When you pray for rain, you got to deal with the mud too”. READINESS is compulsory when facing hard choices. And the ACCEPTANCE of all the consequences is an unavoidable ingredient. Many times the pain is not in the primary goal but it is in the subsequent effects and repercussions.



  directed by William Friedkin (1973; in 1977 was released the sequel EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC directed by John Boorman; in 1990 was released THE EXORCIST III directed by William Peter Blatty) – The fight against evil requires a very intense level of SPIRITUALITY. Energy and devotion are also crucial, the battle being very intense and power-consuming. The good counterpart of the fiend has the goal of defeating enemies who count on subtle tricks and malicious temptations. But even if we are not conflicting with the utmost impersonification of evil, every battle ask for some sort of spirituality.

Movies T is the list of films whose titles start with T. Scroll down to the following entries.


  directed by Brett Ratner (2000) – Every single choice we make, even the most trivial and banal, determines our course of life. Therefore we’ d better apply CARE, READINESS and SHARPNESS all the time. This film centers on a man (Nicolas Cage as Jack Campbell) who experiences what his life might have been if he had made a different decision earlier in his life.



  directed by Simon West (1999) – Some social roles, like serving in the Army at the highest level, require extreme CONCRETENESS and pragmatism. Philosophical people should always combine these capabilities with INTEGRITY, AFFECTION and RIGHTEOUSNESS. A good Army General has to be a good man first. The same applies to professors, technicians, surgeons and so on.



  directed by Tate Taylor (2016) – The tagline of this movie says “Who do you trust when you can’t trust yourself?”. SELF-CONFIDENCE is a crucial philosophical quality. However we could philosophically elaborate on the sentence by producing countless variations. Who do you love when you can’t love yourself? What do you care for when you can’t take care of yourself? Who do you pay attention to when you can’t pay attention to yourself, to your real needs, to your real inclinations?



  directed by Mike Nichols (1967) – Passions, wishes and emotions are natural forces. Moreover they are the fuel of life. Nonetheless human beings always run the risk of being driven astray by too intense sentiments and feelings. The philosophical suggestion is to constantly train one’s SELF-CONTROL and to employ an attitude of RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT.



  directed by Baz Lurhmann (2013) – “All the bright, precious things fade so fast, and they don’t come back”. In front of the vacuity of all things, WISDOM recommends CARE, DECENCY and HUMILITY. The premise is never to overrate anything, particularly material goods. But immaterial goods are not really different from things, cars, jewels: they are overestimated as well.



  directed by Frank Darabont (1999) – Real mental powers are largely unknown and unexploited. This depends from a grave disconnection between human beings and universal laws. HOLISM and SPIRITUALITY help to gradually get back to the general consonance. However no total reconnection is possible because we have a conscience. So we can only observe the animals and look for what we lost long time ago.



  directed by Joe Carnahan (2012) – Finding yourself alone in a savage natural scenario prompts all your intimate ghosts to violently blow up. Such a state also shows, in the clearest ways, if you ever underwent a philosophical practice. A practice whose fundamental assets are SOUL-SEARCHING and TRAINING (mental training).

Movies T is the list of films whose titles start with T. Scroll down to the following entries.


  directed by John McTiernan (1990) – We know that life sometimes demands that we make risky moves. And it is not unusual that the risks derive from the willngness to pursue COHERENCE and FREEDOM of mind. However it is decisive never to forget that SHARPNESS is a powerful benefit in the accomplishment of difficult missions. Once again, philosophy might prove very helpful.



  directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (2012) – The title of this movie points to a difficult notion for us to grasp. What is the impossible? The impossible is just what we never experienced and what was never experienced by others (as far as we know). FORTITUDE, OPEN-MINDEDNESS and COURAGE are the tools to make possible the impossible. Sometimes.



  directed by Shawn Levy (2013) – Hard competition against qualified people is a good way to trigger our hidden qualities and abilities. In fact we might own capabilities which never had the chance to reveal themselves. So when the right occasion arises we can not only perform well but also discover something about ourselves. Then we might find out that we can count on SHARPNESS, DETERMINATION and CONCRETENESS.



  directed by Martin Scorsese (1988) – If even Jesus had his weaknesses and fragilities, each of us should show ACCEPTANCE and HUMILITY in front of his own flaws. As a matter of fact, the problem of trying not to have defects is nonexistent (impossible even for Christ). The real problem is how we manage our shortcomings. Are we doing our best to keep them under control? And are we doing all efforts to  correct them? We can do many things to amend them but we should never crave for perfection.



  directed by Alejandro Agresti (2006; in 2000 was released a movie entitled SI-WOR-AE, directed by Hyun-seung Lee, of which The Lake House is a remake) – In rare circumstances the linear continuity of space and time could reveal its illusory nature. Therefore we should employ OPEN-MINDEDNESS and the attributes of SPIRITUALITY to deal with the immense and the infinite.

Movies T is the list of films whose titles start with T. Scroll down to the following entries.


  directed by Randal Wallace (1998) – Authoritativeness and authority are two different things. A leader has the WISDOM and the EQUILIBRIUM originating from authoritativeness. It means a leader possesses confidence, credibility, reputation, character and other related features. Instead the much simpler “authority” belongs to formal functions and to people empowered accordingly.



  directed by Mel Gibson (1993) – How delicate and crucial is the role of a teacher! A good, respectful and attentive teacher might make the difference in a pupil’s life. But we all know how difficult it is to meet the right one. That is because in a world complicated like ours the good teacher should have so many attributes. Among all the necessary hallmarks we mention here WISDOM, expertise, AUTHORITATIVENESS,  culture and CHARISMA.



  directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (1986) – It does not matter the job or the profession (a monk or a librarian), SHARPNESS and WISDOM are always advisable. These traits are particularly apt for a philosophical lifestyle. Of course this choice of life is remarkable when taking place against complicated circumstances, surroundings, times and places. Let’s not forget that sharpness is not cleverness. Sharpness is a modality of making use of cleverness.

Movies T is the list of films whose titles start with T. Scroll down to the following entries.


  directed by Alejandro Amenabar (2001) – In this movie Mrs. Mills (actress Fionnula Flanagan) says “sometimes the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead”. This is an acceptable assumption if we believe in HOLISM i.e. in a basic unity of reality. In poor words holism refers to a closeness and interrelation among all things, people and dimensions. Moreover OPEN-MINDEDNESS advises us to always consider every possibility (which is also an asset of all investigations). Nonetheless this same quality suggests to always go beyond appearances.



  directed by Mel Gibson (2006) – For philosophical purposes we can focus on Jesus as a man. And forgetting the question of his divine features, Christ stays an immense role-model for everyone. We know that his stature owes a lot to his actions more than to his words. The actions are what makes the Nazarene convincing and worthy of respect. By all accounts, this man was an example for SOBRIETY and HUMILITY.



  directed by Jane Campion (1993) – People with disabilities like deafness and muteness do experience reality from different perspectives than other people’s. Notwithstanding a dramatic hearing loss, Ludwig van Beethoven is among the best composers of all times. It could be that he began to imagine music as colors or sceneries or drawings. It could also be that, in his late years, he thought of music as numbers or schemes or framework. In any case he did not stop composing. He did not surrender in front of his new condition. READINESS and OPEN-MINDEDNESS are essentials to cope with unwelcome hurdles.


"The place beyond the pines" stars Bradley Cooper. “The place beyond the pines” with American actor Bradley Cooper.


  directed by Derek Cianfrance (2012) – The first character is a motorcycle stunt riders who turns bank robber and then is killed by a policeman. He makes use of his formidable capacities in the wrongest of ways. The second is the policeman, who later becomes Attorney General of New York. He makes maximum use of his chances in order to fullfil his unlimited ambitions. The third is the problematic son of the stuntman. He seems bound to derail (as his father) but saves himself by not surrendering to dangerous temptations of vengeance. He comes to the point of killing the former policeman who had shot to death his father many years before. The three linear stories all show how crucial our decisions are, although general patterns seem to govern our lives. Destiny is the river in which we float. But we have some occasions to swim to the left, to the right, frontward and even backward. Of course the innatural effort requires a price to pay. That is why we need to nurture DETERMINATION, EQUILIBRIUM, FORTITUDE and RESPONSIBILITY.

This movie stars Bradley Cooper as Avery (picture: “Bloomberg Vanity Fair After Party 2015” by Haddad Media is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

Movies T is the list of films whose titles start with T. Scroll down to the following entries.


  directed by Francis Ford Coppola (1997) – A philosophical approach allows to find the EQUILIBRIUM between ideal aspirations and practical urgencies. However, WISDOM and CONCRETENESS are necessary to find a balance, in everyday-life, between one’s higher inclinations and the basic necessities dictated by practical reality.



  directed by Stephen Daldry (2008) – It does not matter the age. It does not matter the awful deeds performed in earlier years. At the end of the day it is never too late to switch to a philosophical lifestyle. And the burden of our past experiences is never too heavy to stop us along the path towards DECENCY and HUMILITY.



  directed by John Hillcoat (2009) – The most apocalyptic scenario is a philosophical stimulus. It prompts a shocking acknowledgment of how unpredictable and menacing is reality. And it forces us to rapidly adapting to the new circumstances. In a few words, it is the occasion to call upon one’s FORTITUDE and RESPONSIBILITY. According to our philosophy it is a duty to display man’s best qualities when we are in the worst framework.



  directed by Stanley Kubrick (1980) – Isolation works as magnifying glasses. In fact seclusion might emphasize one’s best traits. But it could also stress one’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities. If the subject of the segregation did not go through a deep SOUL-SEARCHING, he is likely to lose EQUILIBRIUM. In this case it is a self-segregation resulting in a progressive and dramatic split of the conscience.



  directed by M. Night Shyamalan (1999) – There was a time when mankind was connected to reality through a sixth sense. This faculty was lost in coincidence with the expansion of conscience. Nonethelss the sixth connection still reveals itself to some special people under some special circumstances. It’s the occasional revelation of the HOLISM and of the philosophical LOVE around which we all revolve.

Movies T is the list of films whose titles start with T. Scroll down to the following entries.


  directed by Anthony Minghella (1999) – A life of frauds, swindles and impersonations, sooner or later leads to disaster. No one can too long live of lies and in lies without causing serious problems to himself as well. Moreover it is a life against all philosophical values of SOBRIETY, RIGHTEOUSNESS and OUTSPOKENNESS.



  directed by Peter Weir (1998) – We are all actors of a tv series called “life”. Unfortunately many other people want to write a screenplay that should be ours. For this reason we have the philosophical obligation to take CARE of ourselves. The goal is to try and get free from all the economical and political forces which tend to exploit us.



  directed by Robert Zemeckis (2015) – This is the story of 24-year-old French high-wire artist Philippe Petit. He walked between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on August 7, 1974. It is a story of passion, DETERMINATION and – above all – devotion to one’s own dream. It certainly is a philosophical story if we keep in mind that Petit was really young when he accomplished his artistic and existentialist performance. Because he was so young we can be indulgent for his lack of WISDOM and we can applaude his COURAGE.



  directed by Jim Donovan (2008) – Isolation preys on the lead character of this movie. She discovers that her only human contact, a voice on the radio, is apparently a dead girl. At that point she is on the verge of breakdown. Loneliness and isolation amplify unresolved traumas putting on the foreground all our human weaknesses and fragilities. Certainly self-segregation could be a form of TRAINING. But it should be coupled with a very serious process of SOUL-SEARCHING.


Renee Zellweger ("Judy 01" by GabboT is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0) “The Whole Truth” with Renée Zellweger.


  directed by Courtney Hunt (2016) – Strong attitude and refined SELF-DISCIPLINE are indispensable to enact a travesty for prolonged periods of time. However the very same qualities should be employed for better goals than lying. It is a pity to see a composed and professional man taking advantage of his capacities to deceive a jury.

This movie stars American actress and producer Renée Zellweger as Loretta Lassiter (picture: “Judy 01” by GabboT is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0).



  directed by Ridley Scott (1991) – Is self-immolation a philosophical option when all is lost and going on alive means the loss of FREEDOM and DIGNITY? This is one of the greatest dilemmas which philosophy faces since a long time ago. It is because of such questions that philosophy might be scorching and irritating. Indeed easyness is not at all what philosophy is after.



  directed by Robert Mulligan (1962) – Discrimination on the basis of sex or skin’s color is nonsense in philosophy (well, not only in philosophy). People should be judged for their DECENCY, TRUTHFULNESS, RESPONSIBILITY and for other philosophical values. However, philosophers are not prone to judge the others. Real adepts of philosophhy tend more to judge themselves and to find ways to correct their own behaviours.


Martin Sheen stars in "Trash". “Trash” with American actor Martin Sheen.


  directed by Stephen Daldry (2014) – It does not matter that you are seriously miserable. That you are a poor child who spends his time picking through the litter of a rubbish dump in Rio De Janeiro. You might still have values, imagination and an attitude. By means of these qualities you can reverse your doom and change the ones of many other people. CONCRETENESS is also an essential feature to survive under critical circumstances.

This movie stars American actor Martin Sheen as Father Juilliard (picture: “The Way” by Xacobeo – Camino de Santiago is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).


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