We intend Perseverance as the Latin ‘assiduitas’.

Many fundamental goals are reachable only after very hard endurance. They are not impossible, they are not difficult, they are not complicated. But they need the strength and FORTITUDE of the subject to go on and on and on.

For instance, studying is an activity in which the virtue of PERSEVERANCE is essential. In fact, it is absolutely clear that one single day (or week or month) of hard study is not enough. Not enough to learn the things we need to know in order to improve our grades. Sport training is another clear case of when and where PERSEVERANCE is crucial. Another good example is going on a diet. There are infinite cases of people starting a diet with earnest and genuine convictions. Usually they resist for a week or two. Then their mind-strength deteriorates rapidly and they even forget the basic notion of PERSEVERANCE. It is a pity because every dietologist knows that it is only after a month or two that the real process starts. And it is only after six months that things begin to be serious.

We intend Perseverance as the Latin 'assiduitas'.

We intend Perseverance as the Latin ‘assiduitas’. Unfortunately, our society tends more and more to discourage any assiduity by offering all kinds of distraction. We find everywhere millions of pretexts not to insist along the main road. It is for these very reasons that PERSEVERANCE is one hundred per cent a key philosophical exercise.

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