We intend Self-discipline as the Latin ‘disciplinam’.

Along one’s philosophical progression it is always good to have a coach, a master, a trainer. In short, we all need a GUIDANCE, someone whose experience might direct us towards the right and desired targets. But we could find ourselves alone (with no external aid) when trying to perform the daily task of governing our souls. That is precisely when SELF-DISCIPLINE becomes very relevant.

SELF-CONTROL is our government of our temptations and impulses. SELF-DISCIPLINE is our government of life. For instance, you have SELF-CONTROL if you do not react to harsh verbal offences. You have SELF-DISCIPLINE if you attend the gym according to a very demanding schedule.

We intend Self-discipline as the Latin 'disciplinam'.

We intend Self-discipline as the Latin ‘disciplinam’. Apologizing for the pun, we ought to say that SELF-DISCIPLINE requires SELF-DISCIPLINE in order to be efficiently carried out. It means that the dynamics of this virtue are in some way fed by themselves. The more SELF-DISCIPLINE is self-imposed by the subject on himself the stronger he becomes in order to later ask himself even more and more and more. Good coaches of many sports know a lot about this very rule of TRAINING.

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