Take care of the journey.

Take care of the journey. The final destination still is important. But our entire life is testimony of the relevance of trips more than of their respective concluding dockings. In fact, because we perfectly know that the ultimate landing is death, we should learn how predominant are the paths more than the endings, in all circumstances. Therefore, we should pay attention and devote more of our resources to make valuable this earthly voyage. And we should do the same for all the other entreprises of life. SPIRITUALITY, TRAINING and WISDOM play a big role in accomplishing this objective.

We’d better take care of the journey. Instead, we live in a destination-obsessed society. Ours is a world were targets and goals are overtly overrated. Hence, it is a philosophical task the restitution to the pure act of traveling (doing, acting, moving… living) of its own importance. In fact, all of our activities need to be detached and liberated from their destinations or final results. By the way, here we are not encouraging wandering around indiolently. Neither we are promoting a life with no practical targets and goals. We are simply conveying the idea that there is an intrinsic value in all journeys. It is up to you to grasp it.