Taking is essential for givers.

Taking is essential for givers. In fact, he who does not know how ‘to take’ might later have many problems in order ‘to give’. Give and take is the ordinary game of life. Moreover, the act of ‘giving’ requires something to give (be it of a material or spiritual nature). Therefore, any ‘giver’ needs, first and foremost, to take what he then will be giving to the others. Ours is a philosophy of life not a monastic order where spiritual people might give themselves to God without ever taking some AFFECTION or CARE for their own sake. And we know that in this earthly reality a balance is important (and healthy) when it comes to taking and giving.

Taking is essential for givers. A ‘giver’ certainly is someone worthy of respect and appreciation. Nonetheless, we human beings cannot be just ‘givers’ forever (apart from a few saintly individuals). Hence, the compulsive ‘giver’ has to work on himself in order to become, at least sometimes, a ‘taker’ as well. This is not a commercial issue but an indication for everybody to reach a fair balance and EQUILIBRIUM in everyday life. Equally, it is an indication of our philosophy’s attention for all aspects and details of living.