The choice is 'match' or 'candle'.

The choice is ‘match’ or ‘candle’. Here we assume that the words ‘match’ and ‘fire’ allude to a rapid and intense situation. While the word ‘candle’ refers to more lenghty and mild cases. Having said that, we can also assume that there are moments in life when a big emotional and creative fire is ok. Equally, we can say that in many other occasions it is better the durability and reliability of a slow-burning candle. Both situations have pros and cons. In fact, the big fire is extremely effective, but quick, unpredictable, all-consuming. And the candle is certainly of much longer duration, but feeble, limited, dim.

The choice is ‘match’ or ‘candle’. Experience and WISDOM might be of great help in choosing between the two different possibilities. It is also important to keep into account one’s prospensity and character. However, the knowledge of these personal qualities only comes after a complex SOUL-SEARCHING. It might be an excruciating process to carry out in the name of the Ancient Greece’s prescription <gnothi seauton> (know thyself). It is important to be aware of the pre-condition which <gnothi seauton> represents for the philosophy known as <epimeleia heautou> (CARE OF SELF). One has to first know humself in order to take care of himself. Nonetheless, it is also true that one knows himself because he takes care of himself.