The head is a poor thing.

The head is a poor thing. Instead, the popular conviction is that the mind is the most outstanding human feature. Yes, it is outstanding, but mainly for negative reasons. In fact, the mind is just a poor substitute of several qualities that mankind is progressively losing century after century, millennium after millennium. The rest of the animals do not need a mind as sophisticated as ours because they retain their original qualities. Indeed, they live with no need for logic, assumptions, deductions, axioms and reasonings. In other words, animals belong to the universe. They are part of  All. So they perceive and they sense the universe. On the contrary, since hundred of thousands of years we are divorcing the universe. And that is why we need the constructions and inventions of the mind. We lack the HOLISM of all the other creatures. Hence we have to make up (at least partially) for it.

The head is a poor thing. It is difficult to acknowledge our fallibility, our smallness, our poorness. Much better and easier is to swell our head and to flatter ourselves all the time. But this is wrong. Moreover, such a behaviour is against a philosophical lifestyle. The head (the mind) is poor but we have a soul which might grow and expand and get to the point of containing the entire universe. Forget about the head and focus, instead, on heart and soul!