The highest power is on oneself.

The highest power is on oneself. In fact, it is only after being in control of oneself (having solid reins on oneself) that it is possible to exercise a practical influence on the others. Unfortunately, most of the people want to be in a position of command exactly because SELF-CONTROL fails them. Moreover, in such a situation, the sway they look for (on other people) is abusive, disrespectful, revengeful. It is the dominance of petty, menial people who are not mature and fulfilled. Therefore, they crave for sickly forms of gratification and reassurance. For them, having rule on other people is testimony of a social status and success. Instead, the real power is the one we exert as a form of public service. It is the power to help the others and to get things better.

The highest power is on oneself. Nowadays, exerting influence and leadrship on the others is sort of an obsession. But it is also the clear evidence of a lack of government on ourselves. It is typical the situation of somebody not in control of his life and family, who then becomes extremely aggressive on the workplace. Such a person is often trying to take advantage of any squalid crumble of power in order to vex other people. The reverse pertains more or less to the same unsound rationale. For instance, it is the case of someone who uses to give vent to his frustrations at home because feeling underrated in the workplace.