The Self is a multitude.

The Self is a multitude. This is not a paradox. In fact, every day we all experience the multiplicity of our soul (and of the others). Actually, our life is deeply influenced by two big issues. One is the very fact that many different (sometimes diverging) instances coexist in our mind, in our conscience. The second is our difficulty in acknowledging such a multiplicity. Indeed, for many reasons, we tend to think of the Self as a coherent and monolithic entity. It takes a lot of time for us to realize that John is not simply one single coherent John, but that there are many facets inside John himself.

The Self is a multitude. It is a conventional habit the idea of a single Self, a unique ego, a solo personality. We all have evidences of many different and cohabiting instances inside our soul. Sometimes we show SELF-CONFIDENCE and COURAGE, some other times we feel uncertain and fearful. Therefore, it is very important that our philosophical SOUL-SEARCHING be, first of all, a process through which our multiple sides get to know each others. The aim is avoiding to develop inner conflicts which could even lead to personality splits and severe disorders.