Thoughts depend on us.

Thoughts depend on us. Almost all the rest depends on someone else or something else. Therefore, our frustration becomes nearly unbearable when we fully realize the things and situations which depend on other people. Or when we understand the number of things depending on pure chance, maybe on the force of the Nature. Or when we notice the amount of things which depend on past occurrences, on chains of events and so on. This simple fact requires our ACCEPTANCE and COMPLIANCE.

Only thoughts depend on us. Thus, at least 90 percent of our reality escapes our own will and control. At the end of the day, what does really belong to our will and control? Indeed, very little. It is more or less nothing. Thoughts, emotions and other internal events (if we are capable of governing them). No more than this. And that’s why one piece of advice is, for us, fundamental. Please, try always to be in peace with all your surroundings, with the others, the world, the universe. Because you are not a king or a god. Hence, too many things do not depend on you. In short, you should cooperate with the rest of the universe if you want the universe to cooperate with you.