We intend Compliance as the Latin ‘assensio’.

Some standard definitions of COMPLIANCE refer to the notions of surrender, give up, compliancy obedience, acquiescence. In other words, the meaning would revolve around the idea of yielding to the will of others. However, we stress here, with the same word, a different and possibly less strong nuance. In fact, our interpretation of COMPLIANCE alludes to a mature, realistic and responsible acceptance of the course of things.

In particular, it means embracing reality when one is clearly hopeless in front of much stronger forces. Thus, our meaning of COMPLIANCE is a form of “realism”. It is very similar to observance, adherence, embracing, adoption and confirmation. We are in front of a steadfast course of events and we resolve to accept it, maybe getting ready for the consequences. This attitude requires cleverness, acuity and insight.

Hence, COMPLIANCE is in no way a form of feeble deference or the manifestation of a weak and pliable character. Instead, we consider it the sign (if not the evidence) of a wise attitude. And it is proof of WISDOM because being sage entails the full acknowledgement of any human limitation.

We intend Compliance as the Latin 'assensio'.

We intend COMPLIANCE as the Latin ‘assensio’. Conformity and obedience have both very little to do with our philosophical idea of COMPLIANCE which is, on the contrary, an aspect either of HUMILITY and of CONCRETENESS.

This is Sokratiko’s way to interpret the notion of COMPLIANCE. Please continue to browse our list of philosophical TOPICS by clicking on the other entries of our list.

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