Use your key to open.

Use your key to open. Uncountable times in your life you face (and you will keep on facing) the alternative between ‘opening’ and ‘closing’. But, apart from a few specific cases, ‘opening’ matches the key of life much better than ‘closing’. In fact, life should be interpreted as a test, as a challenge. Life is being open to a variety of different stimuli, questions, confrontations. Instead, when you close your doors on new options and new possibilities you choose idleness, stability, immobility. And this is not what life is for. Indeed, the characteristics of inactivity belong to lifeless conditions. Therefore, the ‘closing’ solution is a ‘death solution’.

Use your key to open. As a matter of fact, ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ seem two very similar actions, but in philosophy we like to split hairs. So we take into account all the implications, even on a semantic and psychological level. And this is why we do not think that ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ are indifferent. ‘Opening’ is availability, curiosity, FREEDOM, liberation, open space. While ‘closing’ is confinement, borders, doors, gates, prisons. For these very important reasons we do think that in front of a choice between an opening key and a closing one we’d better pick the first one.