We all have grace inside.

We all have grace inside. It is so because we are part of the universe. And the universe is a marvel, a miracle, GRACE itself. In fact, we all feel amazement, astonishment and veneration when contemplating the wonder of the universe. Therefore, we should feel the same when thinking about ourselves, when contemplating ourselves. Unfortunately, too often we forget the strong link between ourselves and the rest of the universe. So, we forget the connection between the GRACE of the universe and our own GRACE (the two things being the same thing). Indeed, we divorce our world, our reality, our belonging. And this separation is the biggest mistake in the history of mankind. Almost all our troubles derive from the gross disconnection between ourselves and the rest of this reality.

We all have grace inside. We look for beauty, GRACE and loveliness everywhere, forgetting perhaps how much into ourselves is always abundant and available. The SOUL-SEARCHING task (highly recommended by our philosophy) might let us discover, in ourselves, a GRACE we even did not know to possess. Not all of our abilities, qualities and possibilities are known to ourselves, while they deserve to emerge and to bloom in order for our true nature to be accomplished.