We build our cages.

We build our cages. And we often recognize the cages. Also, we recognize the undeniable fact that we are in a cage. Nonetheless, what we do not understand is that the cage we are prisoner of is simply one of our products. Or maybe we’d better say “one of our by-products”. Of course, it is much easier to see the cage and it is more difficult to discern who is the builder of the cage. Hence, it is a philosophical duty to comprehend the process which leads to the existence of our own cages. Moreover, such an analysis is a spiritual exercise extremely relevant when we perform it with SCRUPULOUSNESS. It is so because this specific SOUL-SEARCHING brings to the discover of our strange contribution to the existence of the cage. Indeed, we are ourselves the cause of many conditions of dependence, enslavement and subjugation.

In Soul Cages Sting sings “A body lies open in the fisherman’s yard / Like the side of a ship where the iceberg rips / One less soul in the soul cages / One last curse on the fisherman’s lips / These are the soul cages / These are the soul cages“. We build our cages. See also the CHAIN entry of this list.