We decide almost nothing.

We decide almost nothing. In fact, an uncountable number of things does not depend on ourselves. But we rarely meditate on any of those things. For instance, we are not fully aware that we did not decide who our parents are. We take it for granted and therefore it is not a topic for meditation. By the way, we did not exert any control on our appearances as well. As an example, it was not one of our decisions either the colour of our eyes and of our hair. Moreover, we did not choose our date, time and place of birth.

We decide almost nothing. The philosophy of the <CARE OF SELF> maintains that we can change some relevant things in our life. For instance, we have the FREEDOM to react with a smile to news commonly considered tragic and devastating. At the same time, our philosophy takes into account what nobody can change. Again, we cannot change the date of our death (actually, we cannot even know it). Hence, we must always be conscious that whatever is unchangeable represents, for us, an indissoluble bond and a moral responsibility. And it would be wise to acknowledge it, with serene ACCEPTANCE, possibly using it in the best way.